Boy with leukaemia loses fight after treatment

The plight of Zailian Kaipeng hit international headlines two months ago and touched hearts across the globe with more than £10,000 poured in to save him.

The two-year-old had been 'constant pain' with his swollen eyes since he was two months old but his parents were too poor to fund treatment. After finally getting medical attention, he was diagnosed with blood cancer last month and began chemotherapy.

But he caught an infection late last week which turned into pneumonia, and he lost his battle last Saturday. May his soul rest in peace

📙📚Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), is a cancer of immature lymphocytes, called lymphoblasts.

📖📗Normally, white blood cells develop, repair and reproduce themselves in an orderly and controlled way.
In leukemia, however, the process gets out of control and the cells continue to divide in the bone marrow, but do not mature.
These immature dividing cells fill up the bone marrow and stop it from making healthy blood cells.

🏩As the leukemia cells are not mature, they cannot work properly. This leads to an increased risk of infection.
Because the bone marrow cannot make enough healthy red blood cells and platelets, symptoms such as anemia and bruising can occur.
Source: Macmillan Cancer Support