3 Myths about Black Skin

1. Blacks don't get skin cancer

False. Blacks do get skin cancer. 

Anyone who doesn’t take steps to protect their skin from UV rays is in danger of developing skin-related diseases, including cancer. 

Reggae legend Bob Marley famously died from skin cancer, which started from a malignant melanoma on his big toe. It is also estimated that there are 65,258 new cases of skin cancer in Nigeria annually. So, please take preventive measures, like wearing hats or applying sunscreen.

2. Anti-Aging Is Optional

False. “Black don’t crack” might be one of our favorite sayings. But black does crack, it just shows differently. Instead of wrinkles appearing first, we get dark spots (uneven skin color), our chins sag, cheeks become hollow and pockets of fatty tissue develop under the eyes. To delay this, do use sun protection and retinol products.

3. Sunscreen is unnecessary

False. The sun's rays contain two types of ultraviolet radiation that reach our skin: UVA and UVB. UVB radiation burns the upper layers of skin (the epidermis), causing sunburns. UVA radiation is what makes us tan (get dark). Our melanin is only as good as SPF 13 and we need more than that. 

Our best defence against the harsh effects of skin damage is to either apply sunscreen or to apply a vitamin C product underneath sunscreen to fight environmental and free-radical damage. 


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